application seminars KAKENHI Seminar in English

KAKENHI Seminar in English 2020

2020 Seminar has been cancelled due to COVID-19. However, materials are updated and available below for your reference.


Part 1. A brief outline of the KAKENHI research grants, latest changes and application procedure

A short description of KAKENHI types, duration, proposal submission procedure (including the electronic part) with highlights on latest changes.

by Dr. Pitambar Gautam (Creative Research Institution)

Part 2. How to write a science research grant proposal: Tips to write successful application documents and avoid pitfalls(Material from 2019)

by Prof. Dr. Oliver B. Wright, Graduate School of Engineering

Part 3. How to write strong KAKENHI proposals

by Prof. Dr. Ralf Greve, Institute of Low Temperature Science

Additional Materials