format check Administrative Check of KAKENHI Proposal Drafts

Administrative Check of KAKENHI Proposal Drafts

Researchers can have their application(s) (draft proposals, prior to final submission to JSPS) checked by the Research Development Section (研究振興企画課) for format and related matters. Those interested in this support should submit their proposals to the staff in charge of KAKENHI at their affiliated faculty / institute / center.

The Research Development Section will accept applications submitted via each faculty / institute / center as follows.

~ Fri. August 05, 2022: closed

  • Specially Promoted Research
  • Scientific Research (S, A)

~ Fri. September 09, 2022: in progress

  • Scientific Research (B, C)
  • Challenging Research (Pioneering/ Exploratory)
  • Early-Career Scientists
  • Publication of Scientific Research Results

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