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Global funding opportunity database “Pivot-RP”


What is Pivot-RP?

Pivot-RPis a global source database containing information on research funding opportunities in many countires, fields and types, mainly from funding agencies in Europe and the United States.

  • Over 23,000 active and constantly updated funding opportunities
  • More than $100 billion (U.S.) in total funding across all research disciplines
  • Over 13,000 potential funders
  • 3.4 million plus professional researcher profiles
  • Details for 3.5 million previously awarded grants

You can use Pivot-RP to…

  • Find opportunities to obtain various types of research funding
  • Find potential collaborators
  • Find opportunities to publish papers
  • Find opportunities to participate in international conferences
  • Find opportunities for post-docs and students to go abroad, scholarships, etc.


Using Pivot-RP

Navigate to Pivot-RP
Note: Please comply strictly with HU research and financial regulations, research ethics and integrity when applying to grants listed on Pivot-RP.

Faculty and staff of Hokkaido University can register for an account via SSO to take advantage of the following convenient features. In addition, all Pivot-RP functions are also available from outside the university via SSO sign-in.

  • Pivot Advisor, an automated matching function, recommends various research funding opportunities based on your profile
  • You can save your search results for quick and easy re-search
  • You can receive weekly digests of your saved searches
  • You can create personal groups and join Public groups
  • You can track information to receive deadline reminders, share with collaborators, and export your search results in Excel format, etc.


Pivot-RP Guide (HU version; written in both Japanese and English)

– You can learn how to use Pivot-RP with the YouTube videos.
– E-Learning Modules, Webinar Recordings, etc. provided by ProQuest are available at ProQuest LibGuides.
– Please contact ExLibris Pivot-RP Support Team for your queries by clicking [Contact or Chat with our Support Team] under [Technical Support] in [ HELP ] in the top right corner of the Pivot-RP screen.


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Videos of Past Workshops

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Webinar: Tuesday, September 12, 2023; Japanese 9:30–10:30 / English 11:00–12:00
Webinar: Tuesday, June 8, 2023; Japanese 15:00–16:30
Webinar: Tuesday, April 25, 2023; Japanese 15:00–16:00 / English 16:30–17:30
Webinar: Thursday, March 30, 2023; Japanese 15:00–16:00 / English 16:30–17:30
Webinar: Friday, July 22, 2022; Japanese 15:00–16:00 / English 16:30–17:30